Updated 02/17/2016

Sources state the new Sports Bar cannot be built for $1,065 million and the Board is looking at ways to scale it back to meet that number. The ballot itself had that number on it & that’s what only a little more than 1/3 of the  homeowners voted for. 2/3 did not vote3 for it, 1/3 di9d not vote & a little less than 1/3 voted no. Now you won’t get what you voted for, you may get a smaller bar or a second rate bar. All along a retired architect here has stated the cost would be between 1 1/2 to 2 million dollars but whatever he tried to say was ignored.

Now to get the price of the boondoggle bar down to $1,065 million sources say the double glass wall between the restaurant will now be single glass. You folks don’t mind lot’s of extra noise while you’re eating do you? Also enlarging of the restrooms which are out the doors end of the bar is cancelled. Just in, the plan was to run the waste pipe from the new bar over the dining room to the back restrooms. Not allowed by code. Gee you would think an architect would know that. Then they had a thought to just let the waste water run out onto the golf course.

At the Oct. 23rd Board meeting a resident asked if the restaurant expansion (Million Dollar Sports Bar) had been put out for bid, he was told  the contract was given to the Borges Architectural Group apparently without putting it out for bid to at least two firms.
Yet the Board members sat there mute, their silence implying approval. What’s wrong with this picture?

This is a direct violation of the governing documents. Does the Executive Director have a relationship with Borges Architectural Firm? Some homeowners claim they have found that connection.

What’s next? Oh yes a cell tower nobody wants.

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by suncityred